Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Shannon Library is a community gathering place and provides cultural, educational, informational and recreational resources to support lifelong learning interests for people of all ages.

Role of the Library

The Library is dedicated to the education, recreation, cultural enlightenment, and informational needs of all citizens.
The Library Board recognizes that the role of the Library has expanded to satisfy the growing needs of the age in which we live and that the Library shall continue to expand with the needs of the future.

Objectives of the Library

The Library shall strive to meet the following objectives:

 To establish, maintain and preserve, in an organized collection, books and selected educational, cultural and recreational resources in order to promote an enlightened community and enrich personal lives.

  1. To serve the community as a center of reliable information.
  2. To provide opportunity and encouragement for continuous education to all the people in the community.
  3. To support educational, civic and cultural activities of groups and organizations.
  4. To seek continually to identify community needs, to provide services to meet such needs, and to cooperate with other organizations, agencies and institutions that can provide programs or services to meet community needs.
  5. To provide opportunity for recreation through the use of literature, music, films, crafts, and other art forms.
  6. To achieve maximum patronage and use of services and resources by reaching out to all members of the community.
  7. To co-ordinate with the Peace Library System to extend Library services to the patrons of the Sexsmith Shannon Library and other libraries within the Province of Alberta.

Intellectual Freedom

The Town of Sexsmith Library Board endorses the Library Association of Alberta  (LAA)- Statement of Intellectual Freedom and, by association, The Canadian Federation of Library Associations  (CFLA)- Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries