Useful Links 2024

Information & Services

  • Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) -- information for career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, work searches, and more. 
  • BGS Career and Corporate Development -- information and services on job placement, job clubs, career & employment information services. and career workshops. 
    • JobCONNECT - works with all Albertans, 18 and over who are unemployed or underemployed, and who are ready to connect with full-time employment. 
    • JobPLUS - provides employment support and job placement to Experienced jobseekers. 
    • North Assessment Centre - for youth, 16-19 years of age living in Edmonton or Northern Alberta, who wish to attend or are attending High School or an Outreach School, Grades 10-12, and may require Learner Income Support funding.
  • Government of Canada Job Bank -- explore careers, read about the job market, and more.
  • MCG Careers -- Alberta-based career consulting, employment support, occupational training, and professional development. 
    • Train Alberta - access over 1400 courses in English and French language options.

K-12 Information

  • Learn Alberta -- provided by the Government of Alberta, this site contains a number of resources to support Alberta's K-12 curriculum.
Curriculum Materials
  • Anytime Help, Anywhere (AHA) -- videos that focus on concepts that are key to success in junior high.
  • ATA Library Guides -- hundreds of free online learning resources aligned with AB curriculum organized by subject/grade/topic, etc. Includes French language learning resources.
  • EPSB Together Literacy & Numeracy App -- free literacy and numeracy app for families with K - 12 students. It has activities for parents and guardians to support learning in regular, French Immersion and bilingual programs.
  • Internet Archive Student Library -- Open Library's Student Library, a School Library designed for a K - 12 audience. A subdivision of the Internet Archive. (Note: need to sign up for free Internet Archive account to access)
  • Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) -- free courses offered by the University of Alberta that align with the Alberta Curriculum (7-12). 
  • The Key Study Guides -- links to TRACpac results for The Key materials. From Castle Rock Research. 

Educational Websites

  • DKfindout! - provides a wealth of information on various topics, it is more of an educational website that offers interactive content, games, and resources for children rather than a comprehensive reference work like an encyclopedia.
  • Fact Monster -  provides a wide range of information, including reference materials, interactive quizzes, and homework help, making it a valuable tool for students and learners of all ages.
  • Academic Kids - an online educational platform that offers a diverse range of information and resources aimed at providing educational content and resources for children and students, covering a wide range of academic subjects in a child-friendly and engaging manner.


  • - comprehensive reference source, offering access to a vast collection of encyclopedic articles, reference materials, and authoritative information across a wide range of subjects.
  • Encyclopedia of Britannica - renowned and trusted digital and print reference source that provides comprehensive and reliable information on various subjects, serving as a valuable educational resource for users worldwide.
  • Info Please - an online reference platform that offers a wealth of information and resources, including encyclopedic articles, facts, statistics, and historical data, making it a valuable source for general knowledge and research.
  • World History Encyclopedia - an extensive online reference that offers detailed coverage of diverse historical topics, civilizations, and cultures, providing a valuable resource for exploring the rich tapestry of human history.


  • Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) - Post-Secondary Programs -- explore Post-Secondary training and programs in Alberta.  Learn about apprenticeship programs and find information about distance learning programs available in Western Canada.
  • Alberta Student Aid -- offers student loans, grants, scholarships, and awards for Albertans pursuing full-time or part-time post-secondary studies.
  • ApplyAlberta -- online application and transcript transfer system that anyone can use to apply to undergraduate programs at one or more of Alberta's post-secondary institutions.
  • Healthy Campus Alberta -- offers free webinars and recordings on mental health and wellness on post-secondary campuses. 
  • Inclusion Alberta - Inclusive Post-Secondary --  partners with post-secondary institutions across Alberta to include students with developmental disabilities to participate in regular programs of study and campus life.
  • Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool -- from the Government of Canada, a searchable list of 518 bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada.
  • Maclean's University Rankings 2022 -- annual ranking of Canada's post-secondary institutions, professors and staff, and residence life. Created from survey results from over 19,000 Canadian students. 
  • School Finder -- database of schools, programs, and scholarships. Includes information on admissions, fees, financial aid, and more. 

 Research - Canadian Sources 

  • Bibliothèque des Amériques -- Franco-American digital library. 
  • Canada GenWeb Project -- a gateway to free Canadian genealogy resources, organized by province.
  • Canadiana Online -- this virtual library holds the most complete set of full-text historical content about Canada, including books, magazines and government documents.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography -- a searchable online collection of approximately 8,500 detailed biographies of noteworthy Canadians.
  • Historica Canada -- Canada's largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship.
  • Library and Archives Canada - this collection contains materials in all types of formats from across Canada and around the world that are of interest to Canadians.

Academic Research

Academic Search Engines  

  • Google Scholar - google search scholarly articles, these, books and conference papers 
  • Biefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)-  a wide range of academic resources such as articles, books, theses, and conference papers
  • Connection Repository (CORE) - access to scholarly research outputs, including articles, preprints, theses, and conference papers, focusing on open-access content 
  • Semantic Scholar - AI-powered academic search engine. Features include citation analysis, topic extraction, and personalized recommendations
  • Alberta Health Services -- up to date information and resources on health services in Alberta.
    • Mental Health Resources -- resources, activities, and training specific to mental health and COVID-19.
    • COVID-19 -- vaccine records, up to date facts and resources.  
  • Family Doctor -- information about diseases and conditions, prevention and wellness, and more.
  • John Hopkins Medicine Health Library -- guide to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions from A to Z. 
  • Medline Plus -- access to Medline and health topics, medical dictionaries, directories and publications.
  • My Health Alberta -- healthcare experts across the province ensure accurate, up to date information for people who live in Alberta. 

This page includes a list of free on-demand video streaming services that can be shared with patrons. This is intended to help supplement Peace Library System’s absence of a video streaming platform. 

Some of these platforms will have premium options, where users can pay a monthly fee to subscribe to content unavailable to free users. 

In order for on-demand content to be free to users, there may be advertisements. Ads tend to be shorter than standard commercials on television. 


Content: Movies, TV, Documentaries, Live News, Canadian Content

You are not required to create an account to access free content. 

Creating a free account will allow users to watch past seasons of TV.

 Details of benefits can be found here

Available to watch on:


Content: Action, Arthouse, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Independent, Thriller, LGBTQ, Romance, Cult, Shorts

You are not required to create an account to access CineHouse content. 

Available to watch on:

Cocoro - TV Shows for Kids

Content: Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary, Tweens, Movies, Comedy, Anime, Educational

You are not required to create an account to access content.

Available to watch on:


Content: Anime, Asian Dramas

The mobile app may ask you to create a free account to access free content.

Everything without an orange crown is free to watch. 

Available to watch on:

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Content: Movies, Documentaries, Animation, Canadian Content

You are not required to create an account to access free content. 

Available to watch on:


Content: Action, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Descriptive Audio (coming soon), Documentary, Drama, Horror, Music, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western

You are not required to create an account to access free content. 

Available to watch on:


Content: Movies, TV Shows, Tubi Kids

You are required to create a free account to access free content. 

Out of all the listed services, Tubi is the most highly recommended.

Available to watch on:

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